These amazing structures are visually appealing, provide practical spaces where other marquee tents cannot and can be quick and easy to erect but most people still haven't seen or experienced a stretch tent. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about stretch tents to help you decide if a stretch tent is the right kind of tent for you and your event.

What Is A Stretch Tent?

A stretch tent, or a stretch tent marquee, is a modern take on the common-or-garden marquee. Take your standard marquee tent, add a twist of bedouin style tent using modern materials and you have a versatile structure that looks stunning and is the perfect centrepiece for outdoor celebrations or gatherings. Stretch tents take their name from the waterproof, stretchy material that is used in their construction. This material is held in place by poles and pegs and the best bit is that the poles can be placed in your chosen configuration to create a tent that fits your own design. You may choose to leave the walls open or closed; perhaps close one end and let a breeze roll through or leave the whole tent open for people to easily come and go.
Just like a marquee, stretch tents are not designed for sleeping in! They are most useful as practical spaces for crowds to mingle, shelter from the sun, or stay dry while it's raining.


Is A Stretch Tent The Right Product For Me?

Many customers use stretch tents for weddings and birthday parties because they provide the perfect spot for guests to mingle whatever the weather. Stretch tents are ideal for special events such as corporate parties, launch parties and other private functions. They also make wonderful communal spaces at campsites and we've even used stretch tents at funerals. Stretch tents can be used as entertaining spaces or hangout areas, they can accommodate bars, stages and other equipment so if you're planning to use a stretch tent at a small party or a large festival there's plenty of scope to fit a portion of your gathering under a stretch tent. There's a size option to suit most needs and spaces.

How Big Can Stretch Tents Be?

HUGE. Very large stretch tents frequently approach 300m2 but they can be as big, or small, as you need. A small stretch tent, something like 6.5m2 x 5.0m2 can shelter 10 people easily. Even while they do a yoga class with all the stretching that involves. In fact, stretch tents for yoga classes are very popular.


While stretch tents look good in open spaces they can also be used where a standard marquee cannot. For example, over obstacles such as fountains or on uneven ground. They can be attached to buildings or be free standing. Stretch tents are versatile structures and are equally useful in a small garden or wide open field.

How Are Stretch Tents Put Up?

On surfaces such as grass the setup is simple. The stretch tent material is laid out in the spot it needs to go, the poles are laid on the ground and the pegs placed at the end of the poles. Then the corners are first raised, then the sides before adding more tension to the poles. Finally, the central poles are added to give you the stretch tent configuration you desire. Without too much effort at all your stretch tent will be looking amazing and ready to decorate with the final flourishes.
Stretch tents on sand are a little more difficult to erect. It may be necessary to drill holes to fit the pegs. The photo below shows a stretch tent at Burning Man festival, in the Nevada Desert, USA.
Stretch tents on concrete usually require the use of ballast instead of pegs if there are no pegging out points provided.


What Poles And Pegs Do I Need?

Heavy duty pegs and poles are sold seperately from the stretch tent material. You can then choose to use wooden poles or whatever matches your aesthetic. We supply aluminium poles which are strong, lightweight and provide a modern look but some customers choose to use wooden poles or cover their tent poles with 'pole socks' which can be made of any fabric, including knitted wool!


What Are Stretch Tents Made Of?

Our stretch tent material comes in two varieties; PROFLEXX and TRIFLEXX.
Both fabrics have a high tensile strength, are waterproof, provide a high UV resistance, high wind resistance, are flame retardant and anti-mould. TRIFLEXX is double-coated however, so it is the most durable stretch tent material of the two and its performance is a little greater then the PROFLEXX.
For occasional parties in the garden we'd recommend the PROFLEXX because it is the cheaper option and ticks all the boxes. Event planners and organisers who will use their stretch tents in different locations throughout the year will be better off opting for the TRIFLEXX.
Both stretch tent fabrics can be cleaned using a jet-washer so you can keep them looking brand new for years to come.

Repairing a Stretch Tent

The best stretch tents for sale in the UK come with a manufacturer guarantee and repair service. Our stretch tents have 12 month warranty but if you need repairs outside of this then your stretch tent can be sent directly to the factory for fast, expert care.

So there you have it, these are the questions we get asked the most about stretch tents. If you still need to know more or need advice choosing which stretch tent to buy then we can help. Please contact us and we'll get right back to you without obligation.

Images in this article have been kindly supplied by the following folks: Q&R Events, Vale de Moses, Peg & Mallet and Bonga Stretch Tents. You can see more photos of stretch tents here.