We all enjoy those moments when time slows down and allows us to take a breath.
If this isn't happening often enough, perhaps it's time to invest in an excuse, allowing yourself to breathe more often.

Hark back to your childhood, wait...it may take some of us a little longer than others to skip back through ‘several’ years! Are you there yet? If you are, do you recall the blissful sense of freedom and a life less demanding? A simple life, when we didn’t need to take ourselves too serious and technology was practically non-existent, unable to draw us in and steal away our time.

Many of us will remember playing swingball with the ones we loved, the sound of the camp kettle whistling in the background and glazing up at the night sky playing dot-to-dot with the stars while chatting around the campfire long into the evening. It was a time of innocence spent living in the moment, just being.

Owning a SoulPad offers an opportunity to experience these simple pleasures time and time again, to enjoy the nostalgia of past youth, the sense of escapism while sleeping under canvas and hours of quality time spent with the ones that matter. It's an opportunity to gift others with similar memories to look back on and cherish.

Let SoulPad make a difference to the way you spend your time with family and good friends.

But most importantly...take time out once in a while and remember to breathe!