...or 'Cyber Monday'.

As if this time of year isn't exhausting enough. The ever-increasing Christmas period already sees many fall into deeper debt. Black Friday (a relatively new addition to our shopping calendar), isn't without controversy. It is often misleading. Retailers are accused of faking their discounts, using the day as an opportunity to sell-off older models and slow selling stock. It seems designed to push consumers to make snap decisions, often encouraged by 'layaway' offers that entice to 'buy now and pay later'. Statistically, such offers lure folk in to spend more than they ordinarily would when compared with paying up front.

We like our customers to take their time, make an informed decision, to be certain our products are the ones they actually want. Above all, we like our customers to be sure they can afford the items they are considering, which is also why we don't offer credit terms on consumer purchases and we haven't yet succumbed to 'one-day only' sales. Luxury purchases should evoke a lasting feeling of comfort and happiness, not the sensation of stress over debt.

There's no need to panic buy. Take your time, consider your purchase. We'll still be here when Black Friday is over and done with.

Our prices are great all year, and we currently have a long, leisurely sale on. You have at least until the end of December to take advantage of our sale prices. This is the SoulPad way.