Huge congratulations to Systematic Audio who, majestically, have arrived on the psychedelic trance scene with the E.P. “The Pull of Raw Iron”. Establishing a base for the new sound of 2011, 'SA' are already working on an album that they expect to release within the next year. They will be concentrating on performing live and giving crowds what they want: an eclectic, full-on experience!

Now, some of you will more commonly know two of the three members of Systematic Audio as SoulPad's Village Managers; Seb and Ped.


See? Not just great at giving you lovely lot a soulful experience at festys across the UK, and not enough to be the current world record holder for pitching a SoulPad-lite in just 9mins 30sec (nice one Seb! here's the video for those who missed that). We always knew these guys would go far ;)

You can wrap your lug-holes around the new sound here at Reverbnation. Don't forget to let Seb, Ped & Dex know what you think, good or bad :)