Being a big fan of SambaYaBamba, Mr OM couldn't wait to get their SoulPad over to them as a matter of utmost urgency.

The band will be using their SoulPad 5000-lite and accessories at various venues over the coming months, as a much needed communal chill out area.

These guys really do pack a jumbo sized portion into each and every performance, so a relaxing SoulPad sanctuary is exactly what they need to retire to at the end of a gig.

SambaYaBamba are a bunch of self-proclaimed "mad Glaswegians playin' mad bongoes 'n' that". If you've not heard their chooooooons before, you might like to sample a few of them on their MySpace page or purchase their funky, uplifting album: 'Mad Bongos 'n' That', "the most innovative and striking World album of the week-and no doubt, for many, many weeks to come.” -CD Baby.