Commissioned by the London 2012 Festival and created by Deborah Warner in collaboration with Fiona Shaw, we're privileged to be supplying SoulPad tents for the Peace Camp - InTents project - "a poignant exploration of the great love poetry of our nations and a celebration of the extraordinary variety and beauty of our coastline."

The SoulPad tents will be used in an extraordinary way. Student's finished poems will be passed to peers studying Art & Design who will work with textile artists to create artworks from the texts of their poems. These will then be patched and appliquéd onto the inside walls of the tents.

The finished SoulPads will go on public exhibition and host live poetry events in the areas local to the secondary schools, before travelling to London’s Southbank during October 2012 where all twelve tents will be displayed together as part of National Poetry Day Celebrations.

Peace Camp
A coastal installation, Peace Camp will take place simultaneously on nine beaches around the British Isles, as well as a central London location. All the sites will be inhabited by hundreds of illuminated tents, forming a glowing encampment, with a poignant soundtrack of murmuring love poetry.

Through a large-scale public engagement programme, the public will be invited to record and upload recitals of their favourite love poems. These vocal performances will combine with the natural sounds of the sea to create an evocative and moving soundscape at every installation. As visitors wander through the camp, murmuring voices will emanate from the tents celebrating the UK’s linguistic and literary heritage in all its accents, dialects and tongues.

Working with 8 schools around the coast of the UK and 4 in London to engage young people with the themes of the Peace Camp installation, providing opportunities for them to develop their creative skills and be part of a high-profile project for the Olympics.

InTents aims to give young people a high-profile platform to talk about love, providing a much-needed antidote to the prevalence of negative stories in the media focusing on youth crime and violence. It also aims to address the recommendations by last year’s Andrew Motion/Book Trust report into poetry and young people: to support teachers to find new ways of teaching poetry, to offer stimulating ways of engaging young people with poetry and to help convince a wider audience about the benefits and accessibility of poetry.