With the right preparation winter camping can be a very special experience.

1. Weather Updates.

A wind-up radio will never let you down. Keep your shelter free of snow and ice and don't allow it to build up.

2. Hot Food & Drinks.

Think soup, stew, porridge, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and hot pear cider.

3.Hot water bottles.

These are great for warming up your sleeping bag before use. Don't be tempted to have a campfire too close to your tent, or to heat your tent with noxious b-b-q's.

4. Be Realistic.

Don't book yourself in to a campsite in The Highlands if your kit is really only meant for summer camping, or if you've never been winter camping before.

5. Entertainment.

It gets dark early and with fewer folks around to chat with you'll need to consider taking a good book!

Why bother? Fellow SoulPadder and Facebooker, Sandra Squire explains:-