Check out what these crazy *folkers are up to. The Folk Trail- all for the sake of folk, for folks sake.

A team of folk music lovers will take part in a folking long walk from Lands End to John O’Groats, UK on a 'Folk Trail' from April 1st to June 27th 2011. Other folky folkers are invited to meet them en route and broaden the experience.

At various rest stops they will be setting up their SoulPad® and kicking back with the local folkals for a jam...or whatever they can muster after a long days walk.

Sent using his BlackBerry® from Orange ;) Phill says "SoulPad up a couple of times and a real hit with all the team , will post photos shortly at next wifi opp" - if there are photos below Phill stuck to his promise. If not, then pffft!

Informal recordings of the folk sessions will be made. From their website:

"No commercial use will be made of the material, but we will be offering copies to the English Folk Dance and Song Society at Cecil Sharp House and the Oral History Archive of The British Museum. All this will be done informally by amateurs with no pretensions and needing just reasonably fit adults and their combined skills to carry it out.

The aim is a 'snapshot' of Folk activity en route in England and Scotland in 2011, and to enjoy a terrific, challenging, fun experience! This is not a stamina or fitness test."

If you'd like to get involved, or hook up with these guys you can check their route here. We're following them from our office on Twitter, naturally.

Good luck Phill and the crew. SoulPad folking loves you guys!

We make no apologies for the many and often tediously obvious puns surrounding the word 'folk' throughout this news article. At least we never said fck. Right?