Oh-ho my! Are we proud to tell you that Hexstatic have now got soul? Hmmmm, just a bit! Their SoulPad 4000-ease™ will see them through a few remaining festivals this year, with soul.

On returning from The Big Chill, Hexstatic told us "the new tent was fantastic! We've really got fed up with camping and having the new tent was brilliant."


It's great to hear that SoulPad just might've helped switch the Hexstatic boys back on to camping again. Festivals should be enjoyable for everyone: performers and festival-goers alike. In no way should camping be an endurance. It seems their SoulPad has provided Hexstatic with a true sanctuary.

Hexstatic's next big gig will be at Festinho, Suffolk (29-31 Aug). To be kept in the picture with Hexstatic's forthcoming events, you can connect with them further on their MySpace page.

Most of you will already be aware that these guys have a new(ish) album out: 'When Robots Go Bad!' - this album sees them produce a collection of slamming electro pop cuts, taking influences from their love of early electro, pop, acid house and hip hop. An ultra-funky album which you can sample on Hexstatic's MySpace page.

Thanks Hexstatic, for choosing SoulPad. We (and Mr OM) love your tunes, and we wish you guys continued success.