Flame Retardancy That's Not Stopped by Rain

We think you'll enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes woven into every fibre of our new flame-retardant bell tent fabric.

Same great SoulPad bell tent - updated safety built-in.

Our new fabric is constructed to SoulPad's own tough specifications. You'll get the same great look and feel of our current models and a new layer of protection that's added during the weaving process. Because it's added earlier there's no change to how the product performs except if there's an errant ember. Our fabric is still light, durable, breathable and soft to touch because it's 100% cotton.

Not the regular 'cigarette test'.

ISO6941 outperforms the usual 'cigarette test' (BS5852). Our new fabric is tested, washed, dried and tested again. And again. And again. In fact this cycle is repeated five times to ensure the extra protection you need will not wash off in the rain. So you don't need to think twice about using your bell tent with a woodburning stove.
We've also achieved the milestone of passing CPAI-84, the Canvas Products Association International version of the above ISO6941. Samples are tested such that they don't drip or burn after the flame is removed. Oh, and they're washed six times in a continuous flow of water.

Same light, breathable feel.

Our new flame-retardant bell tent fabric is 100% cotton and we've managed to keep it lightweight so you get the same great SoulPad feel as with our other bell tents. A heavier-than-expected weight of canvas is the usual workaround to meet the flame-retardant capabilities required by inferior tests. Increasing the fabric weight to 320gsm, for example, allows extra treatment to be absorbed and is a shortcut to meet basic standards. Heavier fabric is a pain to transport, especially when wet, and affects the 'soulful' feel of a bell tent. SoulPad flame retardant bell tents maintain their lightweight nature while keeping the fabric durable, breathable and soft to touch.

Perfect for campsites and glampsites.

Many bell-tent owners treat their tents with an after-market flame retardant product for extra peace of mind, especially when using wood-burning stoves for cooking or heating. Glampsite and festival organisers may do the same to satisfy risk-assessments and insurers. Having built-in flame retardancy means there's one less job to do!
Additionally, spray-on flame retardant products can affect the breathability and performance of canvas and they may not be applied as frequently as necessary meaning there's risk where one is not expected.

Running a campsite is a hectic business and you'll now have one less job to do. Instead of treating your bell tents with an additional flame-retardant you can get on with that paperwork you've been trying to ignore!

The 5 meter 6 meter versions of these amazing bell tents are now available to buy over at SoulPad.co.uk.