We were honoured to have our SoulPad 4000-lite tested by Dave Wise (Editor at Trek & Run) throughout 2012 in varying location across the UK. Trek and Run offers honest advise for active travellers covering event reviews, travel features and product reviews, in the main.

Dave contacted SoulPad back in December 2011 to tell how Trek & Run had set him a challenge - "to camp out for at least one night a week for the entire year, starting in January" - Woagh! and we thought we were keen! SoulPadders can read Dave's monthly diary here and his full review of the SoulPad 4000-lite™ is here.

Dave tells us; "I looked at several makes of bell tent before this one, all the same size when erected and all weighing in at around 40kgs. The SoulPad, on the other hand, is less than 15kg (14.8, in fact). I tried to imagine loading a 40kg bag into either car or canoe, and whilst it would have been possible, it would've been a hassle for sure"

Having spent weeks and weeks on end in his SoulPad, withstanding 50 mph winds (noneless) Dave sumises:

"Camping is really never going to be the same for me after experiencing this SoulPad. It's roomy, robust enough for resisting Spring through Autumn storms (maybe those in winter too, but I shouldn't think it's particularly suited for really cold weather camping, unless you've got an inner tent, or a stove, to ward off the chill and the damp), provides a great space to chill under during sunny days, and it's simple to erect. Ok, it can’t come with me everywhere, it’s 15kg weight is going to prevent it from slotting into my rucksack, but for every trip that involves a car, a canoe or some other form of transport where I don't have to carry my bags for miles, it’s going to be there with me."

Appearance – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall - 9.5/10