Phroagh! What an honour? Craig Charles using a SoulPad. Being massive fans of Red Dwarf and Robot Wars (The Waaaars), we managed to hold our composure as we made plans to have Craig's SoulPad ready-pitched for him at Glastonbury 2011. Don't think we gushed too much. Although, with retrospect maybe we could've left out the 20-piece brass band and the huge, flashing neon sign erected next to his Pad stating "Craig Charles is Here"

Craig tells us he is loving his SoulPad 5000-hybrid™.


The perfect space for he and his wife to kick back in whilst enjoying the festival circuit and plenty big enough for he and his crew to hang out in too.

Anyone who missed The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show at Glastonbury this year can still check out Craig's set at Band on The Wall, Manchester. Tickets can be purchased at See™ tickets here.

Meanwhile, if you're wanting to get down with the latest and best in both old and new funk, I thoroughly recommend you have a listen to Craig's radio show: The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, on BBC Radio 6 Music, Saturdays, 19:00 - 22:00 - with sessions and interviews from across the funk & soul spectrum.