Can't quite make up your mind what to get that special someone?

Never mind. We've a selection of goodies here - stocking fillers and larger gifts - all available with fast delivery so you'll have this sorted in no time.

1. Chrome Hurricane Lantern - £110.00 to £159.00

These wonderfully-crafted lanterns make a terrific talking point and are extremely weather resistant.
You won't find any LEDs in these because they are not your run-of-the-mill lanterns. These technical-looking items are composed of approximately 200 individual parts yet they are wonderfully reliable, long-lasting products. Buy one of these and you'll be in two minds about lighting it because it looks so good!

2. Goal Zero Off Grid Solar Kit - £360.00 to £665.00

Ideal for those who like longer camping trips but can't be without their gadgets. This kit comes complete with solar panel, Yeti power station and a plug-in LED light. Keep lights, phones and laptops powered on through any camping situation.


The power station has USB ports, a cigarette-lighter plug for those essential travel accessories and a mains plug that will supply 230V. Charge this power-behemoth with the supplied 13W solar panel which is foldable and lightweight. At night, use the LED light to provide some necessary ambience - it has both high and low brightness settings, integrated magnets and hook for placing just about anywhere and a built-in shade. Not only that, but it's chainable with up to seven other lamps.
This kit is extremely practical, durable and good-looking.

3. SoulPad Blaze Stove - £255.00

Our Blaze™ is an efficient, 2.5kw wood burning stove. If you're looking for a gift for the glamper who wants to up their glamping game, then this is definitely it.


This stove has an extra high and chunky 4" flue collar and can be used in our 4, 5 or 6-metre SoulPad bell tents. The flue pipe connects at the top, rather than at the back, so the Blaze™ can be left in situ if you decide to roll the walls up on your SoulPad-lite/hybrid/hybrid-G. The top venting design of this stove also encourages an uninterrupted flow when expelling the smoke and flue gases and aids stability of the flue in windy conditions.

The attractive cage and ball handle design allows the heat to be cleverly dispersed so the handle won't get too hot to touch.


The Blaze™ is to be used with either the Blaze-flue™ or the Blaze-tribeflue™ which are sold separately.

4. SoulPad Chilly's Bottle 500ml - £25.00

What's better than a Chilly's Bottle? A limited edition, matte white Chilly's bottle with the SoulPad logo, of course!


Durable, high-grade, BPA-free stainless steel that doesn't affect the taste of the bevvie inside. A leak-proof screw top lid means it won't spill in your bag and the superior insulation stops condensation forming on the outside of the bottle. Cold drinks stay ice-cold for up to 24 hours and hot ones for 12 hours. If your giftee likes to take hot tea or coffee on a winter walk then this is the gift for them.

5. Fire Kettle - £48.00 - £57.00

Spontaneous outdoor types will appreciate being able to brew up a hot drink while out and about. This trusty fire kettle uses sticks, twigs, leaves, bark and whatever else may be laying about to heat up the water inside.


Fill it with water, start a small fire in the base and the whistle-top will let you know when the water's ready for your tea or noodles. It really couldn't be simpler.

There's also a supplied pot stand so you can heat up your soup at the same time as boiling water. What's more - the whole thing folds away neatly and has carry handles. Available in two sizes, a single adventurer will find the smaller size more practical.

6. Gift Vouchers, the perennial backstop £5.00 - £250.00

Yes, you know it. All that indecision has put you in a panic. No matter how hard you try, you just can't make up your mind! That's where the old, trusty gift vouchers come in handy.


Available in denominations from £5 to £250, these little beauties are usable against any item in our range - including our renowned bell tents.

So there you have it - six items for any pocket that are sure to please any camping/glamping/outdoorsy-type. Subscribe below to have more ideas sent straight to your inbox.