We are living through a truly difficult and scary time, aren't we? The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone we know, our way of life, our businesses and our health service.

Above all else, we wish you to remain well. Please do not ignore the advice of health professionals; handwash thoroughly and practice social-distancing for the benefit of others as well as yourself. If you are sick, we're wishing you a speedy recovery.

With many of us staying at home, some campsites closed and many summer events cancelled or postponed, these are difficult times for everybody. Over the coming months we may face physical, emotional and mental struggles we as individuals have never known before. We can get through this together.

It is imperative to SoulPad that we take care of our staff and the communities they live in. We're now working from home wherever possible to reduce the transmission of the virus in the office and we are no longer allowing appointments or viewings at our Norfolk showroom. Please don't 'just pop in'. As much as we love your visits, the PM has told you not to!

We're also working closely (but not closer than 2 metres) with our partners to ensure that online orders can be delivered as necessary. Our couriers have notified us of the precautions they will take when making deliveries, which may take a little longer than usual. Our warehouse partners have told us they are also taking precautions when working to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and despite these they are doing a sterling job of shipping your items! Should the situation change we'll keep you posted but right now it's business as usual with a few work-arounds.

This is a conflicting time for SoulPad and many other businesses. We exist to help everyone enjoy the outdoors together yet here we are telling our customers new and old to follow the best advice and isolate. We have to do it, for everyone's sake.

So, can you go camping during COVID-19? Yes! If your household has a garden, you can use that together. If not though, camp in the house! You've always been a resourceful bunch and we'd like to see how you adapt with photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Tag us so we can stay connected.


Remember to step outside and get some fresh air occasionally. Feel the sun on your skin and put a smile on your face. Think of this a state-authorised staycation and do your best to make the most of a bad situation.

The SoulPad Team.

Photo courtesy of Honeybells Tents and Events.

P.S. SOLD OUT! (We still have stock of toilet paper).