Did you ever pitch your canvas SoulPad tent (or any canvas tent) in the rain only to find a weird spatter pattern appear, and for said pattern to let in water? If yes, then this advice is for you.

It's likely that your SoulPad has Bubble Trouble. This is a problem created when bubble mixture (a fairly strong detergent) comes into contact with tent canvas. It's also an issue for other tent materials too. The mixture strips the canvas of any treatments and causes it to leak.

It's near impossible to remove and repeated treatments with a specific tent and awning cleaner followed by repeated applications of a waterproofing agent are required.

Of course, this is a difficult one to manage. No-one wants to be the campsite party pooper, policing their tent and reasoning with every child armed with bubble liquid. After all, it's likely they bought it from the campsite shop anyway!

Unfortunately the best way to combat it is by prevention. So a quiet, friendly word suggesting they blow their bubbles downwind of all tents should suffice.