When John contacted us with the news he'd purchased a 'mouldy' SoulPad on eBay, we sucked some air through our teeth and let him have our doubts for its full recovery.

Mould and mildew are the enemy. Better to prevent them in the first place by keeping the 'Pad water resistant with the likes of Fabsil or Nikwax. Inevitably, some 'Pads are put away wet or exposed to water during storage and the unthinkable happens. Mildew everywhere!

We commonly advise our customers to have their 'Pads professionally cleaned in this situation to minimise the anguish and expense of trying all the off-the-shelf fixes that rarely work (depending on severity).

John, however, is a determined man. Furnished with our advice and a few spare parts he was looking forward to the challenge of bringing his 'Pad back to a full recovery. He certainly did that! We can't wait to find out how it performs...

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